Chapter 82

Charlie nodded. “Understood.” The old man let out a deep sigh. Rubbing his face, he grumbled, “If I knew that you had such skill, I wouldn’t have rushed to you! Now, I’m not just tired to the bone, I was even slapped multiple times! Damn, how unlucky!” He then continued, “Is my face still red?” Charlie replied, “A little.” The old man grumbled once more. “Tell your mother that I ran into a pole if she ever asks.” Upon reaching home, Charlie immediately rushed to the supermarket to get some groceries and make dinner for the family. He then called his wife, Claire Wilson, in case she was craving for something. However, it turned out that she had to plan an upcoming project with Doris Young that night and so, she had invited Claire to have dinner at Emgrand Group. Upon hearing those words, Doris had tested him at the same time as well by saying, “Sir, the project is in progress, so your wife might be quite busy from now. I hope you don’t mind.” Charlie was an understanding person,

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