Chapter 829

Elaine, who had been beaten up severely, was also very hungry at this point. She did not even manage to eat a single bite of the food that Charlie prepared for lunch at noon. After that, she was immediately arrested by the police. After all the commotion in the afternoon, coupled up with all the shock and beating, she could not help but feel extremely hungry after all the physical exertion. Therefore, she cautiously crawled over to the bag of food before she took a lunch box from the plastic basket. She was about to hide in a corner to eat by herself but at this time, Jennifer suddenly shouted, “Elaine, what do you think you are doing?” Elaine hurriedly replied, “Big…big sister, I am going to eat…” “Eat?” Jennifer shouted, “You are a bastard who is not even filial to your own mother-in-law and you still have the audacity to eat?” “I…I…” Elaine suddenly choked up but she did not know how to answer Jennifer’s question. Jennifer was very dissatisfied and she continued reprimanding

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