Chapter 825

While Elaine was suffering in the detention center, Charlie received a phone call from Isaac. As soon as the phone call was connected, Isaac said, “Young master, Elaine has already been locked up in the detention center. I have also arranged for her to be placed in the same cell as the old lady of the Wilson family and Wendy as per your wishes.” Charlie asked, “Have you already greeted the prison guard?” Isaac replied, “Yes, I have already asked my subordinates to greet the person-in-charge of the detention center. No one will bother butting in or doing anything even when Elaine is getting tortured in the detention center.” “Okay.” Charlie replied coldly, “I want her to suffer a little more inside!” Isaac hurriedly asked, “Young Master, do you want me to arrange for a few people to go into the detention center to get rid of Elaine directly? This way, she would never be able to provoke you again.” Charlie hesitated for a moment before he said, “Don’t worry. Let me see how things a

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