Chapter 822

However, the officer told her that since she was the prime suspect of a major transnational case, she was not allowed to meet or contact her family, or even hire a lawyer for the time being before the case was tried. The wrath of fury was burning violently inside Elaine, but she couldn’t vent it out. After entering the high wall of the detention center, the officer immediately took Elaine to go through detention formalities. It was quite a complicated and complex procedure. Her pictures had to be taken and her identity verified. Next, she had to take off all her clothes and belongings and hand them to the staff, then put on the prisoner uniform and take the daily necessities provided. After Elaine changed into the prisoner uniform, the officers who brought her here had already left. From then on, everything about her was to be managed by the detention center. A female prison guard brought her into the prison area, and as protocol, she explained while walking, “This is a twenty-per

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