Chapter 820

The three detention centers in Aurous Police Station served their respective purpose. One was for detaining male suspects and one was for female suspects, while the other was for juvenile suspects. After the four members of the Wilson were arrested, they were sent to two detention centers, with Lady Wilson and Wendy sent to the women’s detention center while Christopher and Harold were sent to the men’s detention center. Lady Wilson felt itchy and tingling when she first entered the cell. She sat on the thin bed, recalling her recent tragic happenings. This period of time was the greatest and most devastating catastrophe for Lady Wilson and the Wilson family. All her hard work and assets had been confiscated by the court, her own son refused to let her live in the Thompson First villa, and he had even called the police to arrest her! She was getting more and more irritated as she thought about it. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, she slapped the bed in despair and wailed loudly, “A

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