Chapter 80

Charlie nodded. “What if I fix it?” Raymond snorted. “I’ll need to check with the appraisers. If they verify that you’ve fixed it and recovered most of the damage, I’ll let both of you go!” “Alright!” Charlie nodded. “It’s a deal!” He quickly turned back to the workstation and quietly started his work. He took the brush and sketched the outline of the vase on the Chinese rice paper. Then, he knocked the egg lightly to crack a small opening, dipped his index finger into the egg to get some egg white, wiped it on a fragment of the vase, and pressed it against the paper model. Then, he repeated the same process for the next fragment, and another, until the paper model was gradually covered with the vase’s pieces… Everyone watched silently while holding their breaths in for fear of interrupting his restoration process. Half an hour passed very quickly. When Charlie stood upright again, what appeared in front of everyone was a Tang Dynasty Yuhuchun vase that seemed to be rejuvenated

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