Chapter 809

Mrs. Lewis sighed, “It was my job to take you off the street and into the orphanage, but you don’t have the obligation to take care of me and pay for the expensive medical bills. Besides, I know very well how your life in the Wilson family is…” Then, she continued, “Don’t worry, Charlie, I’ll find a way to pay you back.” Charlie was moved. Mrs. Lewis had really treated him as her own son and cared so much about him. He said in a sincere tone, “Mrs. Lewis, you don’t have to worry about the money nor pay me back either.” “No, I can’t do that! It is a lot of money, I have to repay you!” “No, Mrs. Lewis. I’ll always remember your kindness towards me. It’s my duty to spend money on your treatment. If you still insist on paying me back, you’re treating me as a stranger and I might not want to see you again!” Mrs. Lewis smiled warmly at his remark, but she knew that she couldn’t accept his money just like that. She would return the money to him no matter what he said. But, she said on

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