Chapter 807

Elaine figured that Charlie the loser wouldn’t dare to disobey her if she asked for the money from him directly. As soon as she got the money from him, she could invite her friends for a meal at a luxurious restaurant followed by a spa and facial treatment. This was what they called the upper-class lifestyle. Charlie shook his head at her request. “Mom, I can’t give you the money.” “Why not?” Elaine frowned, perplexed. “Dad is now in charge of the household fund and expenses. If you want to use the money, you’ll have to get Dad’s approval first.” “What do you say?!” Elaine growled hastily, “My words don’t count anymore, do they?” Charlie nodded. “For anything regarding money, you’ll have to go through Dad first.” “Hey, don’t you dare use Jacob to overpower me! I’m your mother-in-law and if I ask you for money, you have to give it to me, no questions asked!” Charlie smiled. “Of course, I can give you the money if Dad says okay, I can even give you all of it!” “You…” Elaine con

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