Chapter 801

At this time, at the villa at Thompson First, Elaine was lying on the deck chair on the all-glass balcony on the second floor and she was grinning from ear to ear as she stared at her cell phone. There were more than three hundred likes on her pictures right now and this has already broken her records. She could not even keep count of all the comments and after a short while, she could not even reply to all of the comments anymore. Today, Elaine finally understood what it felt like to have everyone’s attention on her. Her entire circle of friends were all staring and keeping track of her! Moreover, they did not hesitate to praise her in the comments. Therefore, Elaine really felt very relaxed and happy. At this time, some of Elaine’s closest friends started sending her some messages in their group chat: “Oh, Sister Elaine moved into the villa at Thompson First today! She will have to buy us dinner!” “Exactly!” Some of the other people started replying: “Sister Elaine, you’ve jus

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