Chapter 796

Christopher plucked up the courage to say, “Mom, even if the court sentences you to prison one day, Harold, Wendy, and I will be able to live a simple and stable life if we have the money. However, if you refuse to take the antiques out of hiding, then the three of us will definitely starve to death if you are sentenced to prison!” “Starve to death?” Lady Wilson replied coldly, “All three of you have hands and feet. You won’t starve to death if you’d just go out to the streets and work as a community worker! Christopher, let me tell you something; the batch of antiques left behind by your father is for my retirement fund! You shouldn’t have any funny ideas about it!” Christopher could no longer hold back his anger and he stood up as he said coldly, “The things left behind by my father is also for the sake of his children and grandchildren! Who gave you the rights to keep everything for yourself?” Lady Wilson replied coldly, “So what? Are you going to rebel against me now? Alright th

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