Chapter 794

Charlie hurried out of the bedroom and he saw Loreen who has especially dressed up today. Loreen was really dressed very beautifully today. She was wearing a beige windbreaker with a black base sweater inside and she looked very tall and feminine. As for her lower body, Loreen was wearing a woolen short skirt with a pair of leggings that really brought out her long and slender legs. It was really very eye-catching! As soon as Loreen saw Charlie, she started blushing immediately. She waved her hand slightly at him before she said nervously, “Hello, Charlie! I will have to depend on you to take good care of me in the future!” Charlie smiled slightly before he nodded and said, “Welcome. Welcome.” Charlie was actually feeling a little helpless. He knew that Loreen was in love with him. He would not mind it if she simply confessed her feelings to him. He could simply decline her feelings or turn a blind eye to it. However, she was moving in and she was going to be living under the sa

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