Chapter 788

The layout of the second floor was exactly the same as the third floor. There were three rooms on each floor and two of it were large bedrooms with two smaller bedrooms. The large bedroom was similar to a suite with a living area outside and a bathroom inside. Charlie and Claire naturally chose this bedroom. After that, they decided to give the bedroom next to them to Loreen. There was another room on the second floor and Claire planned to turn it into her study room. She often had to do design drawings and construction plans for her company and she needed a room where she could do all of her work. Charlie and Claire looked around the bedroom. At this time, Charlie deliberately asked Claire, “My dear wife, the bed that we’ve bought for the room is about two meters wide, right?” “Yes.” Claire nodded before she said, “Since the bedroom is so big, it wouldn’t look nice if we choose a smaller bed.” Charlie chuckled before she said, “Then, wouldn’t it be a little too big for you to sl

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