Chapter 779

Jacob was very confused by the boss’s question. He was obviously here to buy furniture. Who said that he was here to sell some furniture? Therefore he quickly told the boss, “I’m here to buy furniture. Do you understand me?” The salesman hurriedly stepped forward as he said, “Boss, this gentleman here is here to buy a Lexington sofa set.” After he was done speaking, he hurriedly pointed a finger at Christopher who had just stepped into the shop before he said, “This gentleman here is the one who is here to sell his furniture.” The boss quickly realized his mistake and he hurriedly told Jacob, “Oh, I’m so sorry! I’ve made a mistake.” After that, he looked at Christopher before he asked, “Sir, are you here to sell your furniture?” When Christopher heard that Jacob was here to buy some furniture, he really wanted to turn around and leave immediately. After all, he really did not want Jacob to treat him as a joke. However, this furniture shop was the largest Lexington furniture sh

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