Chapter 777

Early the next morning, Charlie and his family had breakfast before they drove to Furniture City. Even after thinking for the entire night, Elaine could not think of a way to take the money from Jacob’s bank account at all. She could not help but feel very anxious when she saw that they were about to spend the two million dollars. At the same time, Lady Wilson and all of her family members were also up very early that morning. After they were done with breakfast, the truck arrived in front of their villa. The workers started to load up the Lexington sofa set from the Wilson family villa into the truck before they set off towards Furniture City with the Wilson family members. There was a large scale Furniture City in the west of Aurous Hill, with almost all the furniture sellers in Aurous Hill gathered here. There were all sorts of furniture from the low, middle, and high grade here at Furniture City. Therefore, this was the best place for them to shop for their furniture. Jacob

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