Chapter 775

When Lady Wilson heard Christopher asking her to either sell off their furniture or their antiques, she could not help but feel a little angry. She said angrily, “I can bear to sell the furniture but don’t even think about selling my antiques! Those antiques are the only thing that your father left behind as my retirement fund before he died!” Christopher hurriedly persuaded, “Mom, the most important thing is to make sure that we live well and survive while we’re still alive! Why do you want to keep the antiques for? Are you going to bring those antiques with you to meet my father when you die?” “Don’t talk rubbish here!” Lady Wilson cursed angrily as she shouted, “What do you know? These furniture in our house are already registered with the bank. When the bank comes over here to seal up the Wilson family villa, they’ll definitely take this batch of furniture with them. However, the bank doesn’t know anything about the antiques that we have! These antiques will be able to save our

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