Chapter 773

Elaine gritted her teeth angrily because of Jacob as she opened up his mobile banking app. She was already ready to login to his mobile banking app to transfer the two million dollars that Charlie had given him over to herself. As soon as the mobile banking app asked for a login password, Elaine entered Matilda’s birthday as the password and she managed to log in immediately! At this time, Jacob had $2,027,232.15 left in his bank account. Among this was the two million dollars that Charlie had just transferred over to him and the twenty thousand dollars that Charlie had given him to treat his friends to dinner before this. Jacob still had the twenty thousand dollars because he did not spend any money that night. The remaining seven thousand dollars was Jacob’s own private savings! Elaine immediately clicked on the funds transfer option before she entered her own bank account information and she filled in $2,027,232.14 in the column for the transfer amount. She decided to leave Jac

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