Chapter 769

After lunch, Charlie declined Jasmine’s offer to send him home. He bid farewell to her and Lord Moore at Heaven Springs’s entrance, then walked to Construction Bank that was located not far from the restaurant. When he was at the bank, he transferred 998 million from the card that Lord Moore gave him to his own account and went home with the card that only had a balance of two million dollars. At home, Jacob and Elaine had just eaten takeaway. When Charlie entered the house, Elaine barged forward like a dog welcoming her owner and asked, “Hey, Charlie, how’s the job? Did you make any money?” Charlie nodded and said flatly, “Some.” “How much is ‘some’?” Elaine blurted frantically, “Quick, take out the money now!” Charlie took out the card and said, “There’s two million in this card.” “Two million?!” Shocked, Elaine’s eyes opened so wide they almost fell out of her eye sockets! She quickly snatched the card off Charlie’s hand and blurted, thrilled, “Are you sure? You’re not bluff

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