Chapter 75

The man grinned. He pinched Lily’s face and said, “You’re my woman now, why do you still want to be with him? I don’t allow other men to touch my woman!” Lily hurriedly persuaded with a coy voice, “Don’t worry, Jerome, I haven’t let him touch me since we got together. He’s so filthy! My body is always yours and only yours, it’s exclusively for you alone!” Then, she continued, “Actually, I wanted to break up with him as soon as the restaurant started operating, but I didn’t know that the loser has a friend who is quite resourceful and helped me get rid of Scarface at the redevelopment zone. Wait until the business is on track—I’ll ditch him and kick him out of the restaurant then!” Jerome Hunt laughed pompously and said, “It’s just Scarface! If you’d told me earlier, all I need is a phone call and his boss would come to kneel and apologize to you directly!” Lily giggled delightedly and said, “Oh, Jerome, you’re my hero! It was quite urgent at that time, so I didn’t manage to contact

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