Chapter 755

On the balcony, Claire hugged Elaine tightly and cried, “Mom, please forgive dad, he is in a black mood right now. Give him some time, he will okay after this. Please, come down, will you?” Elaine climbed on the window and cried loudly, “Girl, don’t stop me, tonight will be the night I die! From now on, during the holidays, don’t forget to burn some money for me, don’t be like Charlie who doesn’t do so to his dead parents! His parents were so broke down there they had to come to him in his dream to remind him about it…” Charlie’s face turned into an irritating shade of green when he heard it! Elaine oh Elaine, you bloody woman, you still remembered the one hundred million dollar cheque that I received from Jasmine and accidentally gave you, it was so close! Luckily you didn’t buy it and came back to pick a fight with me. If you managed to cash the one million dollar cheque, I bet you would be so pompous that you thought you were a goddess! This incident indicated that you didn’t

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