Chapter 753

Elaine was utterly shocked by Jacob’s raucous grunt! She knew that, at this moment, she couldn’t keep the secret anymore, so she mumbled in a sheepish and shaky voice, “Dear, I’m sorry, I lost all our money in the mahjong…” She didn’t dare to tell the truth about Hannah being the mastermind behind the scam, because she knew that if the Wilson family knew about her involvement in the scam despite being a victim, they would come to her first since they were looking for Hannah frantically. Of course, she was not doing this to protect Charlie, she simply didn’t want to invite trouble for herself. All those people were reported as missing persons after Albert sent them to the coal mine, she feared that she might be dragged into this mess if an investigation was executed regarding their missing status. Thus, she could only say that she lost the money on gambling but not the scamming part. Jacob was up in arms about her confession that she lost more than two million in mahjong that he s

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