Chapter 739

After Donald’s complete compromise, the injured and crippled father and son could only try desperately to carry Johnny and the other four bodyguards out of the Shangri-La hotel. Both of them were already crippled, but Sean was in an even more miserable state. He had a broken hand and leg. Therefore, it was extremely difficult for him to carry the five men out of the hotel. The father and son could only use all of their strength and effort to drag Johnny out. They could not help but pant from the exhaustion with every step they took. They were not only extremely tired and exhausted, but their broken leg was also hurting terribly. At this time, neither one of them dared to say anything or make any noise at all. They could only grit their teeth as they persisted in dragging those five men out. Isaac crossed his arms in front of his chest as though he was enjoying a good show in front of him. He simply watched as the father and son exerted all of their strength to drag the five men

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