Chapter 734

After he was done speaking, Donald hurriedly said, “Mr. Cameron, how do you want to resolve this matter? As long as you have a solution to this matter, I will definitely do everything according to your instructions!” Isaac had a very cold expression on his face as he glared at Donald. Isaac could not help but feel that this second generation heir of the Webb family was truly very flexible and willing to give and take. It seemed as though he had a high need to survive. However, since he had provoked the young master of the Wade family, it was impossible for him to come out of this matter unscathed! If it were not for the young master’s command, Isaac would have taken their lives already! Isaac snorted coldly before he said, “I am sorry but I cannot accept your apology! I don’t think that the Wade family will accept your apology either!” Donald held back his anger before he asked in a low voice, “Mr. Cameron, how would you propose that we resolve this matter, then?” Isaac replied c

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