Chapter 72

Overnight, the grand wedding at the Sky Garden became the hottest topic in the city. However, the bride and groom of the wedding remained unknown. Charlie drove the modified BMW 520 and went home with Claire. Claire was still immersed in great happiness, almost as if she was laying in the center of cloud nine. She couldn’t help but ask, “How did you book the Sky Garden? They’ve never allowed that ever.” Charlie smiled coyly and said, “Frankly, the senior executive of Shangri-La is a good friend of mine back at the orphanage. We used to share our hard and difficult times together and I always shared half of my steamed bun with him, so when I asked him for a favor, he said ok.” Claire nodded lightly. “Oh, I see. Why haven’t I heard about this before?” “I have a lot of friends at the orphanage, I might need at least three days to talk about all of them. I’ve never mentioned anything because I thought you didn’t like listening to it.” Claire uttered in an earnest tone, “You are my h

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