Chapter 725

The car finally arrived at Shangri-La. Alas, the five men could not even open the car door on their own. The Shangri-La hotel staff usually looked down on all rental cars. Therefore, they rarely opened the car door for any guests who arrived at the hotel in a cab. When they saw the cab, they deliberately acted as though they could not see the car at all, refusing to step forward to open the car door for them. There was a moment of awkward silence in the car. At this time, Johnny suddenly yelled at the cab driver, “D*mn it! Are you blind?! Don’t you know how to open the car door for us?” The cab driver was a little annoyed, and he said, “Then, you should pay me the cab fare first. You told me that you would pay me ten thousand dollars for this trip.” Johnny replied, “Help me open the car door first. After getting off the car, you can take the money from my pocket by yourself. I cannot move my arms right now because my arms are injured.” The cab driver got out of the car before he

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