Chapter 714

Charlie turned to Albert and asked in amusement, “Albert, since Marcus Lloyd is a pathetic jerk, what do you think his father should be?” Albert thought for a while and said, “Hmm, since his son is a pathetic jerk… his father should be ‘the father of the pathetic jerk’ then, am I right?” Charlie nodded satisfyingly. “Yes! You’re right, he is the father of the pathetic jerk.” Then, he turned to Cain and asked with a smile, “Cain Lloyd, what do you think?” Cain nodded vigorously and said in a flattering tone, “Yes, Don Albert is right, I am the father of the pathetic jerk!” “Good.” Charlie nodded and said to Albert, “See, he admitted it himself, so get your pen ready.” “Pen?” Albert stared in a daze and blurted, “What pen, Master Wade? Do you want me to write something?” Charlie pointed to the carved ‘pathetic jerk’ on Marcus’s forehead and said, “Write the sign on his head, have you forgotten?” Albert slapped his head with a cheeky laugh and said apologetically, “Ah, I’m so sorr

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