Chapter 708

When Charlie entered The Heaven Springs, he found all the waitresses and security guards lying on the floor. Charlie approached them to investigate and realized that they lost consciousness. There were large bruises on their necks as if someone had struck them vigorously with their hands. ‘Hmm, it looks like they are skillful and powerful!’ Charlie frowned, the truth slowly sinking in. Then, he moved his legs and went upstairs! At this moment, Albert was on the verge of dying, his eyes slowly turned white. On the other side of the suite, Cain and Marcus exchanged glances. Marcus took a dagger from his belt and said coldly as he looked at Jacob who was trembling in the corner, “Since Johnny has Albert under control, I’ll deal with this b*stard Jacob!” “Dad, grab him, I want to carve ‘pathetic jerk’s father-in-law’ on his forehead!” Cain nodded with a vile smile, “Yes! Do it! Carve with all your strength, carve until you hit his skull!” Jacob was so frightened, he felt as if hi

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