Chapter 701

Previously, Marcus would always be very heartbroken and miserable when he came to The Heaven Springs to look for Albert with the words ‘pathetic jerk’ displayed on his forehead. Every time he came here, all of the guests and even the waiters in The Heaven Springs would always be staring at him and this made him feel extremely humiliated. However, today was different. Albert would finally die today. After tonight, Albert will be completely gone from Aurous Hill! His father, Cain, would replace his legacy then! At that time, Cain would become the next underground mobster boss of Aurous Hill! When that time came, people would also be filled with respect for him and address him as Don Cain! Besides that, Marcus would also finally be able to remove the humiliating scar that he had on his forehead. He would finally be free of the shadow of humiliation that the words ‘pathetic jerk’ on his forehead had left on him during this period of time. Marcus was really very excited when he thoug

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