Chapter 69

Kyle’s face was as green and ugly as it could get, suppressing his outburst. He finally felt how it was like to be cheated on by his wife repeatedly! Eventually, he couldn’t hold it anymore and started slapping Julie hard while cursing, “You b*tch! You’ve been lying to me all along! You cheated! I’m going to kill you, sl*t! I’m going to kill you!” Julie screamed in agony and wailed loudly, her hair flying all over the place. Kyle shouted while slapping her, “I want a divorce right now! You won’t get a penny from me! Otherwise, I’ll get someone to make your parents and your brother perish from this world!” Julie was completely devastated! She tried, by all means, to marry into the Sullivan family and she finally succeeded. She was dreaming of becoming a rich wife for the rest of her life, but today, her dream was totally shattered! It was all because of Charlie Wade! She hated Charlie so much, but Charlie simply grinned contemptuously and said to Claire, “Dear, let them fight ea

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