Chapter 698

Albert pointed his finger at Chester before he instructed his men, “Guys, come over here! Drag this guy out and beat him up nicely! I want you to focus on hitting his filthy mouth!” When Chester heard Albert’s words, he was so scared and frightened that he immediately knelt down in front of Albert as he cried out, “Don Albert, I am so sorry! I really did not know that Jacob was your distinguished guest! It’s all my fault. I admit to my mistake and I apologize for my actions! Forgive me! Please forgive me this time!” Chester really did not expect Jacob’s son-in-law to be so amazing and incredible that even the underground mobster boss of Aurous Hill would actually be Jacob’s lapdog because of him! Before Chester could even continue begging for mercy, some of Albert’s men had already stepped forwards and slapped him across his face! Chester instantly felt dizzy and he fell to the ground when Albert’s bodyguards started punching and kicking him. He looked very pathetic and miserable a

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