Chapter 696

Jacob could only grit his teeth in anger. If he knew that Chester would be so vicious to keep insulting and humiliating him like this, Jacob would not have agreed to come up to the Gold Room at all. *** Jacob was completely speechless and at a loss for words. At this time, Albert has just stopped his car at the entrance of The Heaven Springs. The first thing that he did after getting out of his car was to hurriedly ask the manager who opened the car door for him, “Is there a customer named Jacob Wilson who reserved one of the rooms at our restaurant today?” “Yes. He booked the Bronze Room No. 3.” The manager kept a careful record of the guests who came to the restaurant every day. Therefore, he naturally knew every single guest who booked a room at The Heaven Springs today. Albert nodded slightly before he hurriedly said, “Come. Come with me to the Bronze Room No. 3 now!” While he was still at Lord Moore’s birthday banquet, Master Wade had informed him that his father-in-law wo

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