Chapter 690

Jasmine hurriedly waved her hand before she said, “Actually, my brother is pretty capable too. In fact, I really have no intention of inheriting the Moore family in the future. I simply want to make sure that my grandfather will not just be swept out of the house after he dies…” Charlie smiled slightly before he replied in a serious manner, “As long as I am around, I will never allow this sort of thing to happen.” Jasmine was really very grateful and she was overwhelmed with emotions at this time. She rubbed her eyes before she said, “Master Wade, I will send you to the Serene World Clinic now.” After that, Jasmine started the car before she drove out of the Moore family mansion. At this time at Serene World Clinic, Anthony and Xyla were both cleaning up all the herbs and materials from the medicine cabinet that had been smashed to the ground by the Webb family’s bodyguards. When Anthony saw Charlie and Jasmine walking into Serene World Clinic, he hurriedly stepped forward and sai

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