Chapter 669

No one would have imagined that the 80-year-old Lord Moore would actually kneel to Charlie! Supposedly, when someone lived to be 80 years old, his parents and elders might have already passed away. No one, not even God himself, deserved the privilege of getting him to kneel before them. Moreover, Lord Moore was the head of the Moore family! The largest and most prominent family in Aurous Hill! Their 80-year-old family patriarch had literally knelt before a young man in his twenties! This was incredulously extraordinary and bizarre! Sean was equally dumbfounded. What the hell?! Had the old man actually knelt for a piece of enhancement pill? You should’ve said so sooner! I could’ve used the 400 million dollars on the Vermeer’s painting to buy enhancement pills, it would have been enough to cater to your needs until your 200th birthday! I didn’t even ask you to kneel to me, betrothing Jasmine to me was all I asked for! Meanwhile, the Moore family members were all donning differ

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