Chapter 665

Sean shivered in elation at the thought of killing Albert tonight! His father was right, Don Albert was Charlie’s firearm in Aurous Hill! If they wanted to attack Charlie, they must first remove his firearm! Not only must they remove his firearm, but they also had to turn the firearm into their own! That way, the firearm would become the bridgehead for the Webb family to march into Aurous Hill in the future! At that time, Charlie would pay the price with his own life for insulting them and tackling Sean’s girl! The Quinton family and the White family would also pay the price for not taking the Webb family’s side! Donald looked at Sean and said flatly, “You must learn to calm down and put up a poker face, don’t let your true emotions show so easily on your face and body language.” Sean quickly retracted his grin. “Okay, Dad, I understand!” “Good.” Donald nodded, putting Charlie’s matter behind him, and he asked, “Have you prepared the birthday gift for Lord Moore?” Sean nodded

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