Chapter 654

Jasmine was so attentive and gentle toward Charlie, yet so cold and stern toward him, this was so insulting! Sean gritted his teeth in dismay and commanded Cain coldly, “I’ll give you a task right now. If you do it well, wait for awesome rewards, but don’t come to see me ever again if you fail!” Cain spruced up and burst out, “Alright, Mr. Webb, speak your orders. I’ll do my best!” Sean shot a ghastly glare at Charlie in the yard and said, “Later, think of a way to humiliate Charlie in front of Jasmine! Teach him a lesson. I want him to be embarrassed so badly in front of Jasmine! It’s best if you can make him leave this place like a defeated dog!” Cain grinned excitedly upon hearing Sean’s demand. It was the best chance to take his revenge! He blurted excitedly, “Okay, Mr. Webb! I’ll go down and meet him now!” He had done some investigations on Charlie. The latter had managed to fool some of the VIPs in Aurous Hill with his feng shui tricks that had earned him the title ‘Master W

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