Chapter 642

However, Donald never expected reality to be so cruel even though he had already planned everything perfectly. Anthony had directly rejected Donald’s proposal without any hesitation whatsoever. Besides that, he even said that his youngest son could only blame himself for the predicament that he was in. This made him very angry. After getting into the car, Donald continued cursing as he said, “Anthony, that old dog! He really does not know what’s good for himself! I would have taken his life if I did not have to worry about getting into a lot of trouble!” On the contrary, Sean was secretly feeling very happy. He had initially been very worried that Anthony would truly be able to cure his younger brother. Unexpectedly, after visiting his clinic, Anthony had actually completely refused to treat his younger brother. As a result, Sean would not have to worry about having a strong competitor on his path to inheriting the Webb family fortune. However, he could not publicly display his f

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