Chapter 629

When they were faced with Donald’s sudden question, Zeke smiled faintly before he said, “Mr. Webb, it is true that the three of us have already pledged our loyalty to someone else. Therefore, it would be very difficult for us to pledge our allegiance to the Webb family instead. We hope that you will understand our difficulties and forgive us…” Graham touched his nose slightly before he said, “Mr. White’s intentions are my intentions too.” Donald looked at Albert before he asked, “What about you, Don Albert?” Albert smiled before he said, “I am just a nobody amongst the upper class, simply a mobster boss. However, the thing that I pay utmost attention to is the word ‘loyalty’. The person that I have pledged my allegiance and loyalty to is treating me very well, thus, I will not turn my back on him and depend on someone else instead.” Donald could not help but frown at this time. He did not expect the three of them to have such a determined attitude. He really could not understand w

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