Chapter 621

Christopher was trembling with anger at Jacob’s deliberate sarcasm! Indeed, he occasionally saw such news on virtual news portals. In fact, he admitted that he had even imagined such a scene before. He imagined that one day when he was super rich and bumped into a young and beautiful girl who told him that she didn’t want to work anymore, he would just send her an address and let her come to him… Of course, it was nothing but a figment of his imagination. He had never had the courage nor the ability to turn it into a reality. However, when Jacob talked about his wife like that, for some reason, a very vivid and realistic picture showed up in his mind! In the imaginative picture, there was a young man leaning against his wife’s embrace and calling her name sweetly… Christopher was extremely agitated, wondering how many times his wife had cheated on him. He stomped furiously and cursed, “Jacob, don’t you dare mock my wife like that! Your wife isn’t any better! You should be thankful

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