Chapter 616

It was possible that Hannah would make a run for it if she really had that much money in hand. After all, she and Elaine were two peas in a pod. They were greedy and loved money more than anything. ‘Mother is right,’ Christopher thought. ‘Now that me, our children, and even my mother have become burdens, it’s possible that she has chosen to run away with the money!’ A layer of resentment and gloom surfaced on Christopher’s face. He said in a deep voice, “Let me call Elaine and ask.” He grabbed his phone and called Elaine. His call was answered almost immediately. “Hey, Elaine, it’s your brother-in-law, Christopher…” Elaine gritted her teeth in disdain when his voice came from the other end of the line! This f*cking old dog! He must have known about Hannah’s plot to scam her! Maybe he was the real mastermind behind all this! When she thought about the terrible losses she had suffered today, she wanted to curse him at the top of her lungs! However, when her thought shifted to t

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