Chapter 607

Elaine completely forgot about her money when she was immersed by the scene of the people wailing and crying. When the thought struck her mind, she turned to Charlie and yelled, “Hurry, ask them to return the money to me! They won more than two million dollars from me!” Charlie asked them to donate their money to Hope Foundation for two reasons, one was to punish them and the other was to teach his mother-in-law a lesson. You were always so greedy and dissatisfied with your current situation, weren’t you? You were addicted to gambling, weren’t you? You thought that you could make a fortune and be rich by playing mahjong, didn’t you? Well, I let you lose all your money so that this experience would stick in your mind! Charlie looked at the women on the floor and asked, already knowing what their answer would be, “Hey, about the money you won from my mother-in-law—quickly discuss how you’re going to repay her!” They exchanged befuddled glances and cried, “We’ve donated all our mo

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