Chapter 605

While Linda cried bitterly, Charlie ordered Albert’s men to bring Hannah to him. Hannah was shaking with fright. She looked at Charlie and pleaded, “Charlie, I’m your aunt. You’re part of our family. For…for the sake of the Wilson family, could you forgive me, please?” Charlie chuckled as if he heard a funny joke. “Stop with your nonsense. Tell me, how much money do you have now?” Hannah’s heart skipped a beat. She blurted out frantically, “I don’t have any money… Really, I don’t have any money!” “I’ll give you a chance to come clean. I advise you to take it or you’ll end up like Linda.” Hannah trembled in fear. She was being cautious in the midst of terror and said, “I… I have five million, that’s all our family has…” Charlie nodded knowingly. “Okay, open your mobile banking app now and show me the balance. “I… I don’t have the app!” “Is that so?” Charlie said in a cold tone, “If I find out that a mobile banking app is installed on your phone, I’ll break your leg.” “O… okay,

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