Chapter 600

Hudson was trembling in fright at this time and he quickly said to Charlie, “Mr. Wade, I was wrong! I was fooled by my second aunt. She had asked me to do this. She was the one who set up the trap for your mother-in-law. I was completely deceived and used by her…” At this time, Charlie gave Hudson a tight slap across his face before he said coldly, “If you dare to say another word before the twelve rings is over, I will ask Albert to chop you up into a hundred pieces!” Hudson was frightened by Charlie’s fierce gaze and he shut his mouth immediately. Charlie looked at the five broken fingers on his right hand before he said, “Your right hand is almost done. Come on, are you ready?” After he was done speaking, Charlie grabbed his wrist before he flipped it with a fierce force! Click! Hudson’s right wrist was completely broken. Hudson’s legs softened and he fell to the ground with a thump! He wanted to beg for mercy but he did not dare to say a word when he thought about what Char

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