Chapter 589

Elaine had completely fallen into a pit. She did not realize that she had already fallen into a trap. All she could think about was how she could win her money back. Therefore, Elaine got very nervous when she heard that Linda did not want to continue playing anymore. At this time, she blurted out immediately, “How can we stop playing just because you want to stop playing now?! We already agreed to play another eight rounds! We have only played three rounds now!” Linda replied helplessly, “Sister Elaine, it’s not that I do not want to play with you anymore. However, the point is that you do not have the money to play with us anymore!” After she was done speaking, Linda said, “Why don’t we take a step back instead? Why don’t you settle this account first and then, we can play a smaller game? I will still accompany you to play even if it is a one thousand dollars or one hundred dollars game. Will that be fine?” “One thousand dollars? One hundred dollars?” Elaine blurted out anxiously

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