Chapter 585

After reaching a consensus, all of them began to draw their tiles again. After Elaine finished drawing her tiles, she flipped her tiles around and almost screamed out in excitement as soon as she straightened her tiles! Her tiles were perfect! The so-called ‘Heavenly Hand’ meant that they could win as soon as they drew their tiles! She had to have so much good luck to be able to draw such good tiles! Besides that, the tiles that she drew were really very good. She had a pair of seven to eighty thousand, and this would mean that she would be able to win with a sixty or ninety thousand. Generally speaking, as long as the ten thousand and ninety thousand were in someone else’s hands, she would not be able to win. That meant that from this moment onward, as long as someone discarded a ninety thousand dollars, Elaine would win the game immediately! Under this kind of circumstances, she would be able to win at the highest multiplier! As she thought about this, Elaine excitedly arrang

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