Chapter 567

Thanks to Aaron’s information, Charlie sent Isaac a message asking him to investigate Aaron Philips and his wife’s personal information as well as their track record at the petrochemical company. At the same time, he asked him to check the relevant information of Aurous Continental Technology. While Isaac was working on the tasks, Aaron was enjoying the flattering words and admiration of his friends. This group of old people mostly worked in government sectors or state-owned enterprises. Most of them were regular staff who had spent their years working hard for the company. They were earning a few thousand dollars a month which fell short of the best but better than the worst. Hence, Aaron, who was in the senior management of the petrochemical company, made them very envious. The petrochemical company provided the perfect track of performance and revenue. Although the management team in a petrochemical company was not its core cadres, it could be regarded as one of the prominent po

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