Chapter 561

Charlie couldn’t help quenching his curiosity and asked, “Dad, who is this Matilda that everyone is talking about?” Jacob rolled his eyes and shushed him, “Shush! You don’t have to rub it in!” Charlie shrugged indifferently and kept quiet. Meanwhile, as more and more people surrounded them, Aaron spruced himself up proudly and introduced the young man standing next to him. “Guys, I would like all of you to meet my son-in-law, Jake Dunn. He owns a startup company in the internet service industry, and the company will soon be listed on the Growth Enterprise Market.” “Wow!” Eric exclaimed in shock. “How much will the company’s market be worth after listing? I bet it must be hundreds of millions, right?” “Hundreds of millions?” Aaron curled his lips pompously and blurted, “It starts with a billion, to say the least! Think about it, do you know how difficult it is for a company to be listed?! Without a certain foundation and stability, how could a company pass so many rounds of reviews

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