Chapter 554

Lord Moore nodded lightly as Donald and Sean exchanged glances. Sean could see what his father was trying to say through his eyes—he was encouraging him to approach Jasmine personally about the marriage proposal. After a while, Jasmine came into the house. She was a little surprised to see Donald and Sean at her house, however, she quickly composed herself and greeted them politely. Donald smiled and said, “Hi, Jasmine. Your grandfather and I were just talking about you.” Jasmine asked in astonishment, “Talking about me? May I know what’s the agenda?” Sean looked at Jasmine intensely and said, “Jasmine, we’ve known each other since we were kids, so we can be regarded as half childhood sweethearts, right? Besides, our families have been friends for decades, so we wish to cement old ties by marriage. Hence, I asked my father to come and offer a marriage proposal to your grandfather, and he said to respect your decision. May I know if you would give me a chance?” Jasmine stuttered a

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