Chapter 546

”It’s okay.” Lord Moore replied indifferently. “I can also hand the invitation card to Dr. Simmons so that I can invite him to come and attend my eightieth birthday banquet.” Then, he pointed at the entrance of the Serene World Clinic before he said, “Come, bring me into the clinic now.” At this time, Xyla happened to be busy in the outer hall of the Serene World Clinic. When she saw Lord Moore coming into the clinic, she hurriedly rushed forward as she said respectfully, “Lord Moore, why are you here today? Are you feeling any physical discomfort?” Lord Moore coughed slightly before he smiled and said, “When a person gets older, their body and health is not as good as it used to be. Recently, the weather has gotten a little colder, and I think I am down with a cold. I came here to ask your grandfather to prescribe some medicine for me.” Xyla hurriedly replied, “Please come in immediately. I will go inside and ask my grandpa to come out!” After that, Xyla invited Lord Moore into t

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