Chapter 540

If the two families could work together after marriage, the two families might even have an opportunity to lead and take control of the entire South Region. As he thought about this, he deliberately smiled and asked, “Jasmine, you are so outstanding and beautiful. So, I cannot help but wonder if you are already married?” Jasmine quickly replied in a hurry, “Uncle Webb, you must be joking. If I were to get married, my grandpa would surely have notified and invited you to come to my wedding banquet for a drink already!” Donald smiled as he nodded slightly. This girl was very intelligent, and she knew exactly what to say. After that, he asked again, “Then, Jasmine, do you have a boyfriend now? If you have a boyfriend, can I know which family he is from?” As soon as Sean heard his father’s question, he hurriedly looked at Jasmine with a concerned expression on his face as he looked forward to Jasmine’s reply. Jasmine immediately thought of Charlie at this moment. How good would it b

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