Chapter 533

Jiro really hated Charlie to the core. However, he did not dare to offend Charlie. Therefore, he could only try to bargain with Albert. His tone was also very pious. “Don Albert, could you please convey my message to Mr. Wade? There are only about two or three billion dollars left in Kobayashi Pharma’s bank account, and many of our debtors have not paid us back. We also owe the bank several billion dollars in loan now. We are really under a great deal of pressure! Albert replied, “Mr. Wade has always meant what he says. So, don’t think that you can bargain with Mr. Wade as and when you please!” Jiro begged, “Don Albert, I’m really having a hard time now. Why don’t we do this instead? Tell Mr. Wade to give me two months. I will definitely transfer the money over to him in two months. However, during these two months, he must make sure that my brother does not say anything or show his face in public, let alone return to Japan under any circumstances at all! “Two months?” Albert tho

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