Chapter 531

Elaine did not know that both Christopher and Hannah had already begun plotting to rob her of her assets and the luxurious villa at Thompson First that was owned by her son-in-law, Charlie. She continued playing mahjong at Summer’s villa with her friends until late at night, not even bothering to go home for dinner. The four ladies decided to order some KFC takeaways instead. They held on to the bucket of chicken as they enjoyed their chicken drumsticks and mahjong game. They could not stop smiling as they continued touching the mahjong tiles. Charlie was already done preparing dinner and was enjoying a meal with his wife and father-in-law at this time. Claire could not help but complain when she saw that her mother was not home at all. After that, Claire said, “Dad! Can you please start to control mom occasionally? You should try to stop her from playing mahjong and gambling all the time!” “Control her?” Jacob snorted before he said, “I do not have the ability to do that. Why don’t

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